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April 25, 2009
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-Traditional- EFF WON by SaffuranLoL -Traditional- EFF WON by SaffuranLoL
A sketch that I will better refine later with a few tweaks and fixes. May also digitize after I do a couple Art Trades that I've been sitting on for forever (Yes I've been working on those sporadically but I've been pressed for time and not in the mood, the weekend may bare some fruits there tho.)

Here we see Riders Saff which I did.. really from out of nowhere with a bit of inspiration from :iconaggressiveth: and :iconwillow-atreianni: so since I've never seen a true Riders version of him and I had a creative rush I decided to go for it to make myself and the :iconburnettekd: happy.

Throw in a bunch of random comments and you're set for a bit of comedy, but not much since I'm tired and dry on antics.

Don't take Saff seriously, his skills are more for show than winning in a straight line. So I guess he's kinda like a muscle car with better handling. xD

Saffron the Hedgehog - :iconallbowdown:

Also, since this is a sketch I'll choose to avoid "official" critiques on it. Feel free to say what you want about it however.

Stats (for dummies)

Top Speed: 3/5
(Ex/A)cceleration: 3/5 (My spelling sucks when I'm tired. =P)
Handling: 5/5
Weight: 3/5 <--- More weight means badness... fatty.
Style: 5/5
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BadShines Featured By Owner May 2, 2009  Student
Awesomely dynamic pose. :]
I also thoroughly enjoy your handwriting.
SaffuranLoL Featured By Owner May 2, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay pose love! x3

And bah, my handwriting is more like chicken scratch.
Aggressiveth Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009
You've made Saff a style type have ye. He'll have a fun time up against the ramp rat Agg. Very nice sketch though, and if I was still up with the skating tricks like I used to be I'd probably be able to tell you what it is. XD

Just one thing, the stats seem a little heavily weighted, makes him seem a little too powerful. I'm not sure what the points designation lies at for Riders though. All in all great work though.
SaffuranLoL Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think I made him more powerful, think of it this way, the weight bar would start at full.. because more weight is bad. Really he's a trickster and handler I'd say because on straightaways he'd be beat by people who are really fast. I just tried to make the stats for this similar to what I typically envision for him, an overall balance with a slight leaning to being more strong than fast.

And these aren't even the Riders style stats exactly (to my knowledge) so that's why I just allotted randomly. =P

Happy you like the sketch tho, and maybe you could tell me what trick that is some day... I'm not exactly a skater/surfer/boarder either so I just went with somethin that looked good. xD
Aggressiveth Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009
I'd say drop one of the stats lower and it'd make a world of difference. Just the fact that the lowest stat he has is a 3, which isn't really much of a disadvantage. I've done the same for Aggressive, but given him a clear disadvantage in certain areas like acceleration, gets rid of that invincible appearance.

For some reason I keep thinking of Behina as the trick. But unless I boot up Tony Hawk, I've got no idea.
SaffuranLoL Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist

And having a 3 for weight is kinda like having a 2 for a stat because I flipped it, but for me the stats aren't even official so they don't matter too much, if I dropped anything it'd be acceleration (or as excelleration as I spelled it in half-sleep)
P0pp3tM4st3r Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2009   Photographer
this matches the J-Trance song i'm listening to rofl. wtf? XDD

that's a kickass picture though haha
SaffuranLoL Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Trance rider! xD

That doesn't sound like a good idea.. *crash*

Happy you like it. ^^
P0pp3tM4st3r Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009   Photographer
yep i do! :3
SneakingSniper Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
Hey, this's pretty cool :D Would've been awesome with colours, so ya should do it :3 (after the trades of course xD) nice job on the name of the trick xD xD hahaha
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