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October 12, 2009
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.:Saff Anatomy.:.:.Ref:Bio.:. by SaffuranLoL .:Saff Anatomy.:.:.Ref:Bio.:. by SaffuranLoL
Main Outfit (2013+) -

Colored Backside -…

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Name: Saffron

Nickname(s): Saff

Age: 19

Gender: M

Height: 3'6" ft (6'1" in human-sized template by comparison)

Weight: 83 lbs (197lbs via the same comparison template)

Species: Somali Hedgehog Atelerix sclateri

Alignment: Neutral (Elements of Byronic, Tragic, Doomed, and Reluctant heroes)

Status: Single

EN Voice: Bradley Cooper (Rocket / Guardians of the…
JP Voice: Kensho Ono (Hakuryuu / Magi)…

Theme Song
Adrenaline - Gavin Rossdale :…
Narcissistic Cannibal (Cover) - EarlyRise :…
Chemical Blood - Fightstar :…
Try and Survive (Instrumental) - Gresby Nash :…

Super Theme
Burn in My Light - Mercy Drive :…


Personality: He has a typically calm personality, not exactly happy but not quite melancholy.. more mellow overall, but not too hard to get him to crack a smile even if he's resisting it, though when he's putting on that fake serious poker-face and someone cracks it.. it will fluster and/or irritate him very obviously through his expression and body language.
His persona warms the more he is around people he has gotten used to, it can take time due to him being wary of most after being turned away by others before and considering his background. Will likely stay quiet and/or shy away from groups full of people he isn't used to, partially because he doesn't trust them and partially because he doesn't trust himself, the latter for a multitude of reasons stretching from confidence and uncertainty and fear of his own powers and the presence they bring. He's not a hero by trade, and tends to be reserved when it comes to his abilities, as opposed to other, more showy examples out there.

When fighting he is different, the adrenaline rush a good fight with a rival or sparring session can draw out tends to liven him up some, more often than not he will come off as a cocky, mildly comical jokester when fighting, not shy when sending out verbal jabs. As fights drag on, he too grows more aggressive in nature, though not losing himself to any sort of whirlwind of fury, he essentially can build himself into a state of self destructive tendencies, gladly pushing himself to the limit and over the limit despite possible repercussions to which he may succumb.

Family: N/A The "test subjects" for Sark's experiments were mostly orphans with no or little emotional ties to anything. This is to say, he may have a family out there but he doesn't know and it is mostly irrelevant.

Backstory: Once upon a time, Saff was an orphan living in a small in-between house of sorts led by an older couple as a small helpful business. They were nice and gave the misplaced food, a bed to sleep in, and care. However they were tired and eventually Mr. Fredrick "father" passed on, alone the elderly Lady Fredrick "mother", as much as it pained her, has to move on from taking care of the group of ragtag roughhousers she had lovingly called her own for so long. The business/orphanage was eventually sold to an interested party, namely Dr. Sark and those loyal to him from his former government science wing, (though all of that information was unknown to Fredrick.)

For the next several years the cast of orphans were trained up by a group of former military security personnel, led by a respected mind and soldier, Nova. The eventual purpose being to get the test subjects to an optimal level of knowledge and physical fitness to be able to handle the undertaking, telling them of the good they could do with the power and how they could become self dependent, and heroes.. and the words at the time were genuine, the methods however were harsh.. military training and strict obedience for starters. It was too much for some to handle, and any attempt to break rank led to solitary confinement, trials getting to the point where missteps could lead to one being maimed or killed.

Eventually only three subjects remained, and the final step was put into motion, a mix of chemicals and energy infused through machines into the subjects to enhance their potential and natural ability far beyond what a natural form could sustain. The subjects were strapped down and the trial run had begun, with Sark expecting.. nearly guaranteeing infinitely better results.. the problem being that playing god is always a bad idea.. and messing with what makes you you is almost always destined to end in failure.

Initial proceedings went fine but it was becoming clear that it would be a stretch for such young vessels to be able to harass such power, the tests were failing and readings were becoming more violent and erratic, the pain was excruciating, breaking through the numbing chemicals, the pain rooting so deep that the brain could feel it everywhere. For a brief moment during this sudden surge, Saff blacks out and essentially awakens within himself, a vast emptiness where he could hear the faint echoes of memories good and bad, the depths of his being. He wasn't alone, however, a shadowy figure, somehow darker than the darkness all around them in his likeness was there, lurking.. and he could just get the feeling that this presence was something native to him, something that lurked deep within, it felt natural.. but foreign still.. He could only stare as the figure latched on to him, it was cold and had a heavy hand. Don't worry.. I will let you out.

The pain was unbearable. Saff would reawake from this experience strapped back to the bed, an undeniable rage growing within him.. He didn't know where the power was coming from, he wasn't in control of himself anymore, merely a passenger on whatever ride he was being taken on. Snapping out of the straps and detaching himself of the machines he hobbles to his feet, limbs heavy but the adrenaline surge fueling him, the world coming at him through tunnel vision.

In a haze, Saff would end up destroying the other test subject who was still suffering in an attempt to "save" him.. the thought being misconstrued by the dark nature of the force awakened inside of him. He goes on to break out of the medical ward, defeat multiple security teams including the one headed by Nova (who would go on to become a sort of super soldier himself), and in a complete frenzy, destroying the formulas and collected data of the Sark Transfixing Project. The doctor lures him to the chemical room for a "final" confrontation where Sark tries to inject two chemical syringes into either side of Saff's neck to either complete his transformation or kill him, however he underestimated "his creation" as he is overpowered, syringes turned on him into the same manner he planned to use them before being thrown into a large vat of raw brewing transfixation chemicals that have an acidic quality before being refined, Sark is essentially melted (Though obviously not dead for good), and Saff breaks out of the underground prison.

In an out of a coherent state he travels to the nearest settling, where his appearance scares the locals, he is run out and ultimately decides to try and live in isolation, and for a time is alone. He spends his time in seclusion honing and gaining control over his power so it cannot control him like it did on his escape. He eventually is able to suppress his inner persona, though continuing to keep his power usage to a minimum, as its usage weakens him and his grasp on the evil within.

He is eventually able to make friends with some and grow out of his reclusive "to himself" state, and goes on attempting to lead as normal a life as possible, something that always seems like it will be just beyond the reach of his outstretched fingers anymore, but at least there is happiness for now.

Moves/Combat Style: He's primarily a brawler* and loves to be in the face of whoever he does get into a fight with. Depending on who he's fighting he may react different ways. If it's against someone he doesn't know or just for fun he usually has a more patient style of fighting and refrains from using his energy based attacks, preferring to be close for a good spar. However if the person is someone he hates/dislikes or someone he deems to be a sizable threat he can flare a temper and go in with a hot headed brawling ego, here he wont hold back energy wrapped punches and kicks e.t.c. or a ranged offensive. Can be prone to silly mistakes or over exhausting his supply of energy if poked into frustration but usually starts with a more distant "your move, you can still always back out" sort of approach unless taken by surprise or if the enemy is Sadistic or anyone with relations to him, past or present.

*I think the way I think of a Brawler is slightly different than most... I consider a hand to hand fighter without any real form of honed skill (martial arts training e.t.c.) to be a Brawler.. he's not a swordman, nor a gunner.. he relies mostly on a short ranged arsenal of attacks be them energy (he doesn't have any sort of ultimate Kamehameha bs.. the energy isn't strong enough to be effective at range unless it is highly concentrated, which takes a large toll on him, so mostly the power serves as a melee supplement) or straight punches and kicks. It's all unrefined instincts, natural ability, unnatural ability, and physical contact... I don't see a Brawler as.. a drunken Irish Boxer per say..

Energy Melee- Not affecting the speed or range of his attacks, if he feels like extra power needs to be packed into attacks he transfers energy to his limbs, wrapping his hands and feet in a bright purple aura to deliver stronger impacts. The downside is that holding up a fight with this perk for too long severely drains his stamina so it is better used in shorter bursts. Think of these like an engine, something you can turn off and on, with an initial heavier drain and a slower more eroding drain on his power afterward.. you have to balance using it with turning it on and off.

Bang- I guess it's like something ripped right out of Yu-Yu-Hakusho. It is simply a larger amount of concentrated energy sent into one or both of his hands pointer fingers, which he has pointed like guns. The blast can vary depending on how much energy he allocates varying from some weaker minor shots to one gigantic blast that would drain all his stamina and energy in one go. The downside is that excessive use is also harmful to him, noting that burning up all of his energy.. especially in larger blasts, completely exhausts him which makes him horribly prone to weakness, fainting, or even death after excessive use.

SECRET ATTACK There is also a Secret Attack though I have voided it from his bio for now. (secrets are awesome)

Awareness- Great night vision and hearing help him pinpoint things/people and makes it more difficult to sneak up on him. During the day the advantage is not so great due to the weakened eyesight. The reason for this is due to the process of transfixation and the fact that he did not complete it, he made it to the point where all attributes were enhanced, beneficial and negative. Living in such a lowlight underground setting for most of his life, his eyes had adapted to not needing natural light as much, and are also far more sensitive to it. Imagine when you've been inside for awhile and you step outside and for that short time it hurts to see because it is so bright, that is the way it is for him during sunny days all the time.

General Physical Attributes- He is very flexible with faster than average reflexes for movement Has a solid balance of strength and speed and can take quite a pounding due to his build and natural resilience.

Balance- A split between speed and power makes Saff a solid foe for most as he can outrun essentially every power type, and out muscle essentially every speed type and with a solid amount of refinement. He wont dominate in the strength or speed category, but the overall balance paired with his ability to remain fluid in a fight and still take hits while being either a "fast power" type or "strong speed" type depending on your perception means that while he isn't the best at anything, he is still good enough at everything, a great quality for a survivor who does not suffer as much based on match ups.

Snowball Fighter- As a fight drags on, Saff continually grows stronger as opposed to weaker, stronger foes wearing him down seemingly allowing him to tap into his well of adrenaline power which will only add to his ferocity in battle. A bit of a weakness as well, his mind is very one-directional, when in an isolated fight with no outside interference in favor of either side he will essentially go all at it, at times misjudging his ability, and throwing himself at a foe until his body is completely exhausted and unable to continue, and when he crashes down from the peak of his snowbally fighting nature, he crashes hard and can be stuck recovering for some time.


Night Walker
- Being primarily nocturnal, he is not as effective during day fights or fights in highly illuminated areas. These areas/times are when he is the most vulnerable. He can be outside casually, though with the company of some damn good sunglasses, though it's not always pleasant for him. He is used to being under thick foliage during the day ever since his escape into nature from the hands of Dr. Sark.

Apprehensive - Saff's limited experiences and understanding of the world and its inhabitants are all more negative than positive. It is hard for him to fully trust others and is essentially self trained to expect the worst in others until proven otherwise. He is emotionally defensive and distant until you are able to earn that trust. He is anxious and more easily agitated than most, the sound of every pin dropping is a potential sign of danger.

Cocky - In Saff's mind, there is no enemy too big and no situation too dire. As mentioned earlier, even against insurmountable odds he will trust himself to be able to tap into his well of potential and be able to overcome any and all threats. This "You say go, I ask how hard?" no way but forward mindset can get him into a lot of trouble.

Balance- As big a strength as balance is, it can also come back to haunt him, as mistakes can lead to opponents speed getting the better of him or end up in him getting overpowered by stronger foes.

Maybe Rechargeable.. but not Energizer- Like the fancy name. x3
Relying on energy to amp up his attacks and fuel the finger gun, let alone exhaustible energy that hinders his ability to preform is highly inefficient. As described above, excessive use of his energy based attacks will exhaust him severely. The energy/stamina can still "recharge" if near emptied but the process takes longer the more he used initially.. Essentially the more he has left in the tank, the faster he will recover, the opposite also being true.. A near drain could hinder him for weeks or even months if he really cuts it that close. These periods of energy regain are also openings to attack him while he's not at full strength over long periods.

If he ever depletes all of his energy in a fight, he will die, plain and simple. The chemical compounds have essentially assumed a role as his life force, and when they are depleted his very state of being becomes unstable. He may last for a little while in a gravely ill state, though will ultimately fall apart at an atomic level, essentially disintegrating into purple particalized dust... and becoming one with the force!

Thanks to :iconchibi-nuffie: I've adopted the idea of him having a combat knife so he doesn't have to rely on his power as much in close fights. Because badass knife if badass.


Will probably eventually color both sketches for a proper ref but until then I thought this was a decent view/ color map when combined with the top/shoe color map.

There are 2 basic ways to draw him and that's either with or without the high socks, so whatever is your preference if you ever use this.

I believe this is the first good 3/4 back shot I've ever done of his head.

Saff and art - :iconsaffuranlol:
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